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One of most advanced and fastest MR Imaging solution available worldwide. The Signa HDXT 3.0 T MRI System provides an unprecedented & new range of diagnostic capability. That will significantly improved the signal to noise ratio taking imaging to a new platform not seen or heard in the past.


The Signa HDXT makes the impossible possible & is based on the latest HDXT platform of world leaders GE Medical systems, USA launched worldwide in early 2006. This technology lets us easily diagnose those challenging patients who are the most difficult to examine with conventional MR approaches. The advantages of Signal HDXT 3.0 T being:

  • MR 3.0 T provides superior muscular skeleton imaging with newer imaging protocols like T2 Cartilage mapping along with the benefits of phased array 8 channel dedicated coil system for imaging of knee, shoulder and small joints.

    The increased power of 3T non invasively improves the visualization of musculoskeletal abnormalities, providing a more accurate depiction of cartilage tears, injuries and degeneration. 3T improves imaging in areas such as knees, hips, shoulders, wrists, fingers and toes, for both adult and pediatric populations.
  • 3.0 T MR Imaging with HDXT platform enables dedicated bilateral best imaging with possibility of breast spectroscophy and in combination with coventional mammography ultrasound mammography provides an excellent platform to image and detect breast pathology at an early stage.

    1. 3T MRI can effectively screen for breast tumors in high-risk populations, such as women with a strong family history of breast cancer or women who have had cancer before.
    2. It offers improvements over mammography for women with dense breast tissue and can be used to check for breast implant leakage.
    3. It aids pre-surgical planning and evaluation for breast tumors and can detect unsuspected cancer in the other breast.
    4. The use of perfusion imaging and spectroscopy with 3T MRI can help determine if a breast tumor is benign or malignant, or the degree of malignancy.
  • The 3.0 T HDXT platform provides a dedicated cardiac imaging solution with 8 channel phased array cardiac coil and complete software package for functional and anatomical details.

    Cardiac MRI can help in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with following conditions:
    1. Coronary artery disease
    2. Congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy
    3. Congenital heart disease
    4. Pericardial disease
    5. Cardiac masses and thrombi
    6. Arrhythmia
    7. Aortic disease
    8. Peripheral vascular disease
    9. Valve disease
  • MR 3.0 T provides higher diagnostic confidence in Neuroimaging Perfusion.

    1. Functional MRI (fMRI) provides a "map" of brain functions such as motor, memory and speech/language centers. fMRI offers insight on where and how to approach a tumor and how much can be safely removed.
    2. Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) reveals the brain's fiber tracts, showing how the brain is "wired." Tractography, the 3-D representation of this data, illustrates the location of fiber tracts and how they connect in the brain. In cases of traumatic brain injury, stroke and seizures, DTI can help assess levels of cognitive deficit and brain damage.
    3. Spectroscopy measures metabolites that may reveal—without a surgical biopsy—whether a lesion is a tumor and if it is benign or malignant. Spectroscopy can characterize brain tumors and show how a tumor responds to treatment. It may also help differentiate between a tumor and stroke.
    4. Perfusion imaging measures blood volume and how quickly it flows through tissue. It may be useful in establishing if a malignancy is high or low grade prior to biopsy, and for noninvasively characterizing intracranial vascular parameters. Perfusion also is useful in assessing stroke and distinguishing stroke with an atypical imaging appearance from a tumor.

    MR 3.0 T offers improved Whole Body Imaging without piling up coils over patient. MR 3.0 T offers a superior future platform for molecular imaging with MR-specific tracers.


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