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Westside Medical Imaging

Physician FAQs

How soon can a patient be scheduled?

Same day scheduling and performing the imaging studies can be done on patients who pay cash or who have Medicare insurance. It is helpful for patients to have the results of recent routine laboratory reports kidney function known as a "BUN" and "Creatinine". Most insurance companies require a pre-authorization which can take anywhere from 2-10 business days to obtain. In urgent cases when an insured patient cannot wait for the authorization process, pre-payment with a credit card is customary with your being refunded if the insurance company pays for the imaging study.

Does your office take care of the patients' insurance authorizations?

As a courtesy, our office staff will work with you to obtain the insurance authorization. Expediting this process requires that we have complete and accurate insurance information and that your physician who has ordered the exam provides us with the necessary information from your medical record. There are times when the insurance company will want to speak directly to the ordering physician.

How soon can I get reports faxed/emailed to me?

Our goal is to have reports faxed or emailed to the ordering physicians’ office within one full business day. Stat studies are called directly to the physicians’ office within an hour of the study being complete. Results of studies can be obtained from the ordering physician.

Are all the pictures reconstructed on a 3D work station?

Yes, we find the 3D workstation allows us to detect abnormalities much more effectively then the older 2D workstations but also requires the reading physicians to spend more time evaluating your study. Many imaging centers still use the 2D workstations because they are less expensive and allow the reader to read the studies faster.

Is there a radiologist on site? Can he discuss findings with me after the test?

We do have a radiologist on site and he is available to discuss the results of the study with you. Since he may not have complete background information on your condition that the ordering physician has, we strongly prefer you discuss the results of the scan with your physician.


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